Yo-Kai Watch Season 3 Premiere Date Announced

The official Yo-Kai Watch twitter page has updated with the announcement that the third season of the Yo-Kai Watch anime series will be premiering on Disney XD on July 2 at 5:40 P.M. ET/PT and new episodes will be airing on Fridays.  The final episode of the second season of the English Dub premiered on June 3, 2017 so it has been some time since new episodes of the series have aired. For those who are not familiar with the original Japanese version of the anime, the previously aired second season of the English Dub was originally the second half of the first season. The second season of the Japanese version of the anime will be marketed as the third season for the English Dub.

The third season of the series will be introducing a new Yo-Kai Watch user named Hailey Ann and her Yo-Kai partner, Usapyon.

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