Where Is Mosaic? New Marvel Comic Teaser

Coming at you with some Marvel comic news. Throughout this week Marvel has been releasing teasers with the word Mosaic on them. Each of the teasers are puzzle pieces that showcase some Marvel characters within them. What makes this one different is that it poses the question “Where is Mosaic?”

Also, I’ll post what the “puzzle” looks like so far with all the pieces put together. I’m certain another piece will come out later today or Saturday.

Mosaic4 195x300 Where Is Mosaic? New Marvel Comic Teaser    MosaicCombined3 198x300 Where Is Mosaic? New Marvel Comic Teaser

I can honestly say I have no clue as to what this means. The artwork for these puzzle pieces have been drawn by Stuart Immonen. I’m guessing it could possibly be for the new Jessica Jones comic series given the water colors. It reminds me a bit of Alias with how the colors are being used. Even then I’m not sure who or what Mosaic is or could be. Anyway, leave your guesses down below or on Twitter. I’m XBen3000 and until the next piece of puzzle, I’m out!

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