Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – Episode 44 Review

I love that this episode started with a message from the alien pop star guy, confirming that there is some sort of organised galactic resistance going in the background. I’d have hoped to see an episode based around this resistance coming together, Star Wars Rebels style, but that’s not really a priority of this show. Still, I’m glad we got something, even if it was a little too ‘tell’ rather than ‘show’.

If nothing else, a Star Wars Rebels style episode about the rebellion coming together would have been more interesting than a clip show. As far as clip shows go, this wasn’t even a good one. The framing device was just ‘the rangers explain things that have already happened to a supporting character with no impact on the plot’. I really thought that Pegasus guy would be more important when we he first showed up at the very start of the series, but no. If I’m being generous I can sort of see why it would be a good idea to recap the series before major plot development starts happening, but we’re already in endgame territory which makes this feel like the worst possible time for filler. Also, surely the whole point of the ‘Hi, I’m [insert name here]’ bits at the start of every episode is to bring people up the speed in a way that doesn’t spoil the pacing of the actual episode, like the opening text crawl of a Star Wars film.

This is the second clip show Kyuranger has done and unfortunately not only was it not as entertaining as the other one, I’m tempted to say this was my least favourite Kyuranger episode to date. I say it’s my least favourite rather than an episode I hated simply because this episode didn’t have anything to get me that worked up over. There wasn’t anything bad or offensive, it was just boring filler. Unlike normal Kyuranger filler, there wasn’t even any cool action, character development, or funny jokes to make me feel like I hadn’t wasted 25 minutes. Oh well. The bit on the ship where the lights turned off around Tsurugi when he had his flashback was cool at least.

The first third of this episode being blatant clip show has this weird effect on the rest of it that made the whole thing worse for me. We see flashbacks of Tsurugi meeting his old partner, which is new information for us, but by having the flashbacks immediately after a standard clip show scene and framing them in the same way (having a character blandly explaining stuff to other people), it makes it seem less important, like a piece of trivia with no real meaning. If I hadn’t watched any other episodes of Kyuranger and was using this episode to catch up, I’d assume that the Kuervo flashback was a clip from a previous episode like all the others. Also, the henshin and roll call with all the power-ups was nice but in the context of a clip show it came off as nothing more than a matter-of-face statement of all the power-ups the team had collected rather than a big epic moment of the Kyurangers breaking out the big guns. Oh and that fight scene just reminded me of how annoying henshin and weapon jingles are in scenes where they insist on also having a soundtrack, so the whole thing is just difficult to even listen to. I hate to be this negative; in truth I don’t actually hate this episode, I was just kinda bored by it.

The biggest and only important thing this episode had going for it was the reveal of Kuervo at the end, which was a good twist but I can’t help but feel that it belonged in a more important episode. Like with everything else, the effect of the first third of this episode being a clip show means everything else seems more trivial, making it more like a statement of facts than a big dramatic twist. Still, the scene itself was okay, made memorable by a nice orchestrated version of the Don Armage theme playing in the background.

So yeah. This episode would be completely forgettable if it weren’t for the twist at the end. Oh, and I hate that after finally being out in space, we’re going back to Earth, a place literally any Super Sentai show (or any show in general for that matter) could take place on. Kyuranger has the ability to take us to so many cool alien places and it’s throwing that potential away. This is the most negative I’ve been about this show in a long time, which isn’t a good feeling.

Oh, and it’s crazy that three Kyurangers managed to evacuate an entire planet in 10 minutes, but whatever.

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