Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – Episode 43 Review

The opening of this episode was pretty damn slick, from some unmorphed fighting to almost a full-team henshin to the logo followed by a really cool shot of the rangers silhouetted in their colours. It really feels like we’re in endgame territory now.

The fight with Aslan had some good choreography, which was helped a lot by his suit being something the actor could actually fight well in instead of being a bulky monster costume. That said, I wish there was a little bit more to Lucky’s dad turning good as cutting his helmet in half just seemed a little too easy. Oh, and I know Sentai has this thing with making explosions throw people into a completely different scene mid-fight but the transition from tunnel to rooftop in this episode is by far the weirdest one I’ve seen. At least the usual transition from forest to quarry happens so often that I can believe those two things would be next to each other.

Now that she’s dead, I can safely say Madako’s ‘upgrade’ that removed her immortality did nothing except allow her to be killed. I almost can’t believe the writers of the show would be stupid enough to do that. Surely letting the Kyurangers work out a way to end her immortality would make the heroes look smarter instead of making the villains look dumber. But what really confuses me is why she was given immortality in the first place given how little her character did in this show. In this episode it looks as if her loyalty to Don Armage might be misplaced, which is an interesting idea that has tons of potential, but it needed to be introduced much earlier on to give Madako a proper arc.

Aslan’s arc on the other hand has been fairly satisfying, and it made sense for him to stay behind and start the black hole. Unfortunately, the scene where he says goodbye to Lucky wasn’t as powerful for me as the show probably wanted it to be due to the use of the catchphrase, which just made me laugh rather than cry. Still, it was a good end for the character that gave Lucky some closure.

These two episodes were a really good start to the end of the series. It feels like our heroes are in truly hostile territory and the threats are getting suitably apocalyptic. I’ve been loving Kyuranger up to this point and I can’t wait to see how things wrap up.

Oh, and apparently this was a Christmas special too. It felt exactly as tacked on to the end as these two sentences do.

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