Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – Episode 37 Review

I know it’s a small thing, but I love those scenes at the beginning of every episode where the Kyurangers figure out what their next mission is. The fact that we get one at the start of every episode in the pre-opening space where most Sentai teams would be chilling at their HQ means that the default setting of the Kyuranger team is more active rather than passage. They’re always on the move and they’re always getting work done to save the universe. It’s also just a nice way of avoiding filler (or more specifically avoiding episodes that FEEL like filler) by making every episode start with the team say what their next task is and how it will help them. I think these scenes are part of the reason why the story of Kyuranger feels so tight and well thought-out. Having to once again chase down three Kyutama so they can combine them and do a special thing is obviously a filler arc to drag out the time before we reach the endgame, but at least we know exactly how this filler arc will progress the overall story.

Once again we have an episode that’s exploring the idea of public influence and ordinary people rising up to help defeat Jark Matter. It’s a strong idea that fits with the inspirational heroism of the Super Sentai franchise for children and serves as a good way to tie all these weekly storylines together. This is the second time in the last three episodes we’ve had a member of the team confronting someone who used to be an inspiration to them for not living up to their expectations. Even though the bond between the characters is stronger because here it’s Lucky’s father instead of a random pop star Hammy likes, I think it’d done a little worse here. My main issue is that it’s a fake version of Lucky’s father and we find that out immediately after their first scene together. Lucky still thinks it’s his father, but Tsurugi explains to the others and to us that he’s an imposter made out of magic living sand. It’s an okay idea, and the monsters made of sand is a cool visual, but it does take some of the tension out of things. Still, I suppose having the evil dad turn out to be not the dad at all is an appropriately optimistic Sentai twist, so whatever. I just think if it was his actual dad there would be more tension.

The setting for this episode was really well done, particularly the establishing shots of all the crowds in the street. It’s a very simplistic planet design, where everything is white and grey and the people wear slightly more medieval-looking clothing, but it’s still quite effective. I do wish the huge group of random people washing everything had more to do in the story though. Maybe they tried to fight the foot soldiers or something. I assume we’re building up to something like that in a later episode.

There was some good action this episode, like some nice use of Garu’s animalistic climbing abilities, and Lucky’s white Orion form continues to be the coolest thing ever. The portals are such a cool gimmick for fight scenes and, unlike Kotaro, Lucky knows how to make scarf weapons look cool. I still think the Orion suit would look a little nicer if there were some gold and red accents to break up all the white, but it still looks amazing. The Kyuranger suit designs are some of my favourites. Speaking of which, that new white coat for Lucky looks boss. This was a strong episode that brought some nice resolution to Lucky, even if that resolution was that his dad is dead after all.

In other news, is “I’m going to keep believing in my luck” really something you want to hear out of your new ruler? “Yeah so basically I’m just going to wing it.”

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