Tigress, Sportsmaster, and Dragon King Join DC Universe “Stargirl”

Deadline has reported that Tigress, Sportsmaster, and Dragon King will be joining the villain roster of the DC Universe exclusive Stargirl live-action series. The trio are apart of the Injustice Society, who are group of master criminals, which debuted in All Star Comics #37. The team also served as the evil counterpart to the Justice Society of America. 

Joy Osmanski will be portraying Paula Brooks, aka the second Tigress. Paula Brooks was created by Mort Meskin and debuted in the comics with Sensation Comics #68, which was released in August 1947. 

Neil Hopkins will be playing Lawrence “Crusher” Crock, who is also known as the Sportsmaster. Crock was created by John Broome and Irwin Hasen. Crock first debuted in the comics in All American Comics #85, which was released May 1947. Crock would later become the Sportsmaster in Green Lantern Vol. 1 #28, which was released in October/November later that same year. 

Nelson Lee will be taking the role of Dragon King, who was created by Roy Thomas and Rich Bucker. The character debuted in All-Star Squadron #4, which was released in December 1981.

DC Universe provided a description for all three characters.

 “Protecting and providing for her family, Paula Brooks hunts the world’s most dangerous game – humans – as Tigress.” 

“Lawrence ‘Crusher’ Crock is a longtime enemy of the Justice Society of America. He sees his criminal pursuits as a game to win — and his competitors as targets to kill. The only thing more important to Crock than ‘the game’ is his family.”

“A deadly and mysterious hooded man known only as ‘Dragon King’, this controversial scientist has been experimenting on himself and his victims since the 1940s.”

The confirmed cast now consists of:

  • Brec Bassinger: Stargirl
  • Joel McHale: Starman (Sylvester Pemberton)
  • Lou Ferrigno Jr.: Hourman (Rex Tyler)
  • Brian Stapf: Wildcat (Ted Grant)
  • Anjelika Washington: TBA
  • Henry Thomas: Dr. Mid-Nite (Dr. Charles McNider)
  • Joy Osmanski: Tigress (Paula Brooks)
  • Neil Hopkins: Sportsmaster (Lawrence “Crusher” Crock)
  • Nelson Lee: Dragon King

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates. The DC Universe Stargirl series will premiere on the platform in 2019.S

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