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Detective Pikachu “This is No Ordinary Pikachu!” Trailer Streamed

Nintendo has recently posted a new trailer for Detective Pikachu on their official Youtube channel.  The latest trailer features another look at the premise of the game and also features a sneak peak into Mewtwo’s Dub voice for the game. Detective Pikachu along with the associated Pikachu Amiibo will be released on March 23.  This is no ordinary Pikachu. He’s grumpy…talks a lot…and fancies himself a “great detective.” One day he meets Tim, who’s searching for his missing father in Ryme City, where something is causing Pokémon to run amok. Track down clues…interview people and Pokémon…andRead More

Detective Pikachu Story Trailer Streamed

Yesterday, Nintendo updated their official Youtube channel with a new trailer for the Detective Pikachu Nintendo 3DS video game.  The latest trailer features a look at the game’s story and setting. Detective Pikachu as well as the Detective Pikachu Amiibo will be released on March 23.  In Detective Pikachu, a new game coming on March 23rd for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, you can team up with the self-proclaimed “great detective” Pikachu to solve a puzzling case involving oddly behaving Pokémon and discover a possible connection to the mysterious Mewtwo  

Detective Pikachu Video Game Headed to the West

The official Pokémon YouTube Channel has updated with a new trailer for Detective Pikachu.  The trailer features a short preview of the game’s story as well as the English cast for the game.  For those who are unaware, Detective Pikachu is a spin-off game based on the Pokémon franchise that was developed by Creatures Inc., and published by The Pokémon Company.  The game features a talking Pikachu who helps the main protagonist named Tim solve cases throughout Ryme City and also discover the whereabouts of his missing father. The game was originally released as a Japanese E-ShopRead More