Nintendo In Talks With Illumination Entertainment To Produce Super Mario Brothers Film

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment are currently in the works to bring the Super Mario Bros. back to the big screen. The original film that starred the Mario Brothers premiered in theaters in 1993. The film starred Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi. Unlike the first film, which was a live-action adaptation, the new potential film is going to be animated. The Super Mario Bros. game series made its debut in 1985, which featured the titular hero, Mario, and his brother Luigi as they try and save Peach from the clutches of theRead More

Universal To Produce The Live Action Voltron Film

Deadline has confirmed that Universal is now in charge of the Live-Action Voltron film project. The project will be scripted by David Hayter, who is famous for being the script writer for the first two X-Men films and the Watchmen film.    Currently not much else is known about the project and it is unclear what direction the project will take since it stated to be an “inherited project.”  Stay tuned for updates.