The King of Fighters Destiny


The King of Fighters: Destiny – 2 More Seasons & Film Announced

The official iDRAGONS website has updated with an announcement that two more 24 episode seasons of The King of Fighters: Destiny animated series have been confirmed.  The two seasons will tie into a film that will serve as a finale to the series. The new seasons will be based on the stories featured in The King of Fighters ’94 – The King of Fighters ’97.  The seasons will mostly focus on the Orochi story arc. The first season is now stated to have 24 episodes instead of the previously announced 20. For those who haven’t been following the project,Read More

The King of Fighters: Destiny Animated Series Announced

SNK has announced that a new CG animated series based on the The King of Fighters franchise will premiere this Summer.  The 20 episode series  titled “, The King of Fighters Destiny,” will currently be produced as a Chinese exclusive series.  No much else is known about the series except that the special effects team that worked on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will help support the project. Currently no western release has been confirmed at this time.  Stay tuned for updates when they become available.