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Official Images: Tamashii Lab Kamen Rider Black RX Revolcane

Premium Bandai has recently opened an official pre-order page for the Tamashii Lab Kamen Rider Black RX Revolcane. For those who are unaware, the Revolcane is the main weapon used by Minami Kohtaro/ Kamen Rider Black RX. However, international fans will also recognize the weapon as the Electro Sabre which was used by Prince Dex in Saban’s Masked Rider.  The Tamashii Lab Kamen Rider Black RX Revolcane will include: Revolcane Handle Blade Pedestal  Revolcane Blade  Revolcane Base (Wearable Sunriser Buckle) Booklet Special Message Card A promotional video was also posted to the official Bandai Japan Youtube channel. The Tamashii LabRead More

Official Images: Tamashii Lab Zyusouken

Premium Bandai has updated their official preorder page for the Tamashii Lab Zyusouken.  Preorders for the item will open on December 22 and will be released next May priced at 13,500 yen. The item will also include: Stand Booklet Special Message Card Those who are interested should contact their preferred middleman for more details.  

Official Images : Space Sheiriff Gavan Type G Laser Blade Origin

Premium Bandai has recently updated their site with the announcement and details for the release of the Space Sheiriff Gavan type G Laser Blade Origin in their Tamashii Lab line. Similar to the previously announced original Gavan’s Laser Blade,  the Space Sheiriff Gavan type G Laser Blade Origin will feature LED lights and features a motion sensor.  The blade will also feature new voice recordings by the actor who plays  Gavan Type G, Yuma Ishigaki.  The blade be priced at 29,160 Yen and will released in July 2017. Bandai Tamashii also provided a promotional video for the release of the blade.Read More

Tamashii Lab: Space Sheriff Gavan Laser Blade Promo Streamed

Bandai Tamashii has recently updated their official Youtube channel with the preview for the upcoming Tamashii Lab : Space Sheriff Gavan Laser Blade.   The promo features the first full look of the toy in action as well as revealing that the blade has a IR sensor, which will allow the user to help recreate Gavan’s famous Gavan Dynamic Attack.  By pressing the button on the hilt of the blade it make attack sounds with their associated in show phrases and also play sound BGMs.    The promo features Kenji Ohba demonstrated the effects of the toy.   The itemRead More