Voltron Legendary Defender Toys Revealed At Hong Kong Toy Fair 2017

Atamaii has recently their official Youtube channel with the look at the new Voltron Legendary Defender toys that were shown at this year’s Hong Kong toy fair. The new toy reveals include: New Basic Figures including a new Version of Voltron, the Five Paladins, Emperor Zarkon, and another Robeast Die Cast Combining Lions (9 Inches) Large Lions with exclusive Paladin variants Red Lion Gauntlet  

Playmates Voltron : Legendary Defender Toys Revealed

The Nerdist has recently revealed the first look of the Voltron: Legendary Defender toys that will be released by Playmates Toys. The toys are set to launch in January 2017. The toys will be released in the following assortments. 5.5 Action Figures ($9.99) : The Five lions, Voltron, Robeast Myzax: Features firing projectiles, signature weapons / accessories  Deluxe Voltron : Consists of form limbs ($17.99) and the Black Lion ($29.99) – Lions will feature over 18 points of articulation and the Black Lion will feature 50+ sounds with some that will be unlocked by combingRead More