Pokken Tournament


Pokkén Tournament DX Trailers Streamed

The official Japanese Pokémon Youtube channel has updated with two new trailers for Pokkén Tournament DX.  The latest trailers features another look at the new features in the Nintendo Switch version of the game and another look at some of the new characters.  Pokkén Tournament DX will be released for the Nintendo Switch on September 22.    

Nintendo Pokémon Direct 2017: Pokkén Tournament DX, Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon Revealed

Earlier this morning, Nintendo streamed a Nintendo Pokémon Direct on their official Youtube channel.  The recent direct revealed a few titles that they will be releasing in the near future. The first revealed game is the Nintendo Switch version of Pokkén Tournament.  This version of the game will be called Pokkén Tournament DX and will include the bonus fighters from the arcade version as well as a brand new character, Decidueye.   Another update to the game is that players will be able to play 3 on 3 matches.  Pokkén Tournament DX will be released on September 22. Next, new versionsRead More

New Pokken Tournament Arcade Fighter Revealed- Croagunk

Recently a new trailer for Pokken Tournament was recently posted to the official Bandai Namco Entertainment Youtube channel.   The latest trailer reveals that Croagunk is the newest fighter for the arcade version of the game.  

New Pokken Tournament Fighter Revealed – Scizor

Bandai Namco Entertainment has recently posted a new trailer for Pokken Tournament.   The newest trailer reveals a new fighter for the arcade version of the game.  Scizor will be joining the fight in arcades, however it is currently unknown when and if he will join the home port release.