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Transformers: Titan Return Trailer Streamed

Machinama has updated their official Facebook page with a new trailer for Transformers: Titan Returns.  The latest trailer features a look at some of the characters in the series including the monstrous Trypticon.  Transformers: Titans Return will premiere on the go90 network on November 14.  

Transformers: Titan Returns Behind the Scenes Video Streamed

The official Machinima Facebook page has updated with a behind the scenes video for the upcoming Transformers: Titan Returns animated series. The video is narrated by producers Adam Beechen & F.J. Desanto as they talk about the characters in the series as well as some of the voice cast. Transformers: Titan Returns will premiere on the go90 network on November 14.  

Transformers: Titans Return Promotional Poster Revealed

DenofGeek has recently reported new details for the Transformers: Titan Return animated series by Machinima. For those who are unaware the Transformers: Titans Return animated series will premiere exclusively on the go90 network this November.  Each episode of the series will run for 11 minutes and the series will consist of 10 episodes. DenofGeek also provided some new promotional images, an official poster, and a synopsis for the series. Picking up right where the destruction of the Combiner Wars left off, TITANS RETURN takes the action of the Prime Wars Trilogy to new ‘heights,’ and features returnRead More

Transformers: Titan Returns Animated Series Cast Members Announced

Variety has reported some new casting details about the upcoming Transformers: Titan Returns animated series. Peter Cullen will be reprising his role as Optimus Prime and he will be joined by Wil Wheaton, Judd Nelson, Michael Dorn, and Jason David Frank.  Jon Bailey originally voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers: Combiner Wars so it will be interesting to see Peter Cullen return as the character alongside Judd Nelson.   The project will be overseen by F.J. DeSanto, who worked on Transformers: Combiner Wars.  The series is next installment in the Transformers “Prime Wars” trilogy and will premiere on the GO90 network this November. The series will be available on the service worldwide,Read More

Transformers Movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime Revealed

Recently a special Transformers event took place in China that revealed that Hasbro will be releasing a Movie Masterpiece release of Optimus Prime.  This figure is a brand new mold of the Autobot leader and it will feature a changing faceplate, die-cast parts, and will even include the Matrix of Leadership.  The figure will retail for $99.99. TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 Figure (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Summer 2017) Get in the action with the latest figure from the MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES, the OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure! Co-created by Hasbro and Tomy,Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight TV Spot #3-“Stay and Fight” Streamed

The official Transformers The Last Knight Youtube channel has updated with another TV spot for the film.  Similar to the previous TV Spots, this teaser doesn’t feature any new footage.  The latest TV spot features Isabella Moner’s character.   Transformers The Last Knight will premiere in theaters on June 23, 2017. Will you stay and will you fight? #Transformers in theaters this June. Watch the full trailer and let us know who you would fight for. Watch the new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight. Transformers 5 is coming to theatres June 23, 2017!Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight Voyager Class Optimus Prime Premier Edition Box Revealed

The official Transformers Facebook page has recently updated with the first look at the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight Voyager Class Optimus Prime Premier Edition.   The box style seems to resemble closely to the Age of Extinction Voyager class boxes, however it does seem to feature more colors.  Transformers: The Last Knight will premiere in theaters on June 23, 2017.   Check out the package art for the Transformers: The Last Knight Optimus Prime Voyager figure.#Transformers #OptimusPrime #TheLastKnight  

Transformers: The Last Knight Poster Revealed

Today, the official Transformers Facebook uploaded a poster for Transformers: The Last Knight. One can see that the poster features a shadowed out Optimus Prime with his now evil purple eyes and in the background an invading spacecraft to focus on the tagline, “Rethink your heroes”. Since the trailer was released prior to the poster, I personally enjoy how the poster helps to further the belief that Optimus has turned on the world. When in actuality he is most likely being controlled by the Creators, or something even worse… Source:Read More

Transformers: Last Knight Voyager Optimus Clear Image Revealed

The official Transformers Facebook page has recently updated with a special 10 Years of Optimus Prime video that features the different Voyager Class figures of Optimus in the movie toylines.  The video also features a better look at the newest Voyager class figure for Optimus Prime in the Transformers: Last Knight toyline.

Transformers: Prime the Complete Series Blu-ray Boxset Preorders Open

Amazon has recently updated with a preorder page forTransformers: Prime the Complete Series Boxset.  Those who missed out on the release the first time can get the complete series on Blu-ray in one package. The set is currently listed at $144.99 and will release on August 12.   No other details such as the bonus features or extra content has been confirmed at this time,  however if you are interested check out the link below to secure your copy.   

Laura Haddock Joins Transformers 5: The Last Knight Cast

Voice actress  Laura Haddock has recently announced on her Twitter page that she will be joining the cast of Transformers 5: The Last Knight.  For those who don’t know her recent role was Star Lord’s mother in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.  Transformers 5: The Last Knight will premiere in theaters on June 23, 2017.  

Sir Anthony Hopkins Joins Transformers 5: The Last Knight Cast

The official Transfomers Movie Instagram has recently updated with the announcement that veteran actor Sir Anthony Hopkins will be joining the cast of Transformers 5: The Last Knight.   The actor is most famous for playing Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs.  He has starred in several other movies such as The Mask of Zorro, The Elephant Man, Thor, and various other films.  Transformers 5: The Last Knight  will premiere on June 23, 2017.    The man, the myth, the legend – help us welcome Sir Anthony Hopkins to the #transformers universe. A post shared by Transformers (@transformersmovie) on Jun 3, 2016 atRead More