Oushi Black


Uchu Sentai Kyuuranger Series Trailer

Yesterday, TV-Asahi released a full trailer for Uchu Sentai Kyuuranger. The trailer highlights each of the Kyuurangers, villains, and mecha. Furthermore, the trailer is accompanied by the show’s opening theme song, LUCKY STAR. The series is schedule to succeed Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger on Feburary 12 as a part of Super Hero Time block. Kyuuranger will feature Takayuki Shibasaki as its head director and Nobuhiro Mouri as head writer. Shibasaki and Mouri previously worked together on Go-Busters, OOO, and Gaim. Manga artist, Masato Hisa serves as the series’ designer. Hisa is best known forRead More

January Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger Scans

Recently the first show scans for Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger have surfaced online.  The scans feature a short description of each of the new senshi. Shishi Red: Super Star – Known to be strong Ookami Blue: Beast Star – His fur is lifting and he has claws Oushi Black: Ring Star – He is known for his big size Chameleon Green: Shinobi Star- She is fast and discreet Sasori Orange:  Poison Star – Has a tail with a stinger Tenbin Gold: Trick Star – He loves to scold people Hebitsukai Silver: Silent Star – His body is filled of scales WashiRead More