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Con Report: Power Morphicon 2016

LET’S ROCK IT! As this year, Power Morphicon 5 took place in Pasadena, California from August 12th to the 14th. Hundreds of Power Ranger Fans waited two years for this to come and see all their favorite Ranger actors all at one big convention. This year at PMC also had many actors making their first con appearances or their return to meet all their fans such as Mike Chatarantabut and Sasha Craig from Lightspeed Rescue. Not to mention others like Latham Gaines who played Mesogog, Kate Sheldon as Nadira andRead More

Tamashii Nations Reveals Soul of Chogokin Daizyujin at PMC

Earlier today, Tamashii Nations hinted a huge reveal at the 2016 Power Morphicon convention. That reveal was none other than Soul of Chogokin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dino Megazord, which when released will be sold under its Sentai counterpart Daizyujin. More information will be reveal during the convention, and rumored to be carried over to New York Comic Con. We will have more updates on this item, when further information is released.  

Power Morphicon Aug Guest List

Only a week away, PMC still continues to gather guest for the con! This guest list includes Sean Cw Johnson, Jorgito Vargas Jr, Dwayne Cameron, Chip Lynn, Romy J Sharf, Denny Logan, Candace Kita! David de Lautour, Felix Ryan, Jennifer Yen, Scott Page Pagter, Erik Betts, Marshall Hilton, Matt Frank, Sunny Seki, and Yumie Yamagiwa Update* Mark Litton, Mark Richardson, Wilsa Derro, and Yoichi Suzuki! The con also noted there were a few cancellations from Danny Slavin, Dan Southworth, Chris Violette, and Peta-Maree Rixon  

Power Morphicon July Guest List 3

Just hours ago PMC released another set of the guest list. The list includes: Tracy Lynn Cruz, Sasha Craig, Anna Hutchison, Eka Darville, Alan Palmer, and James Bates.