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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon Trailers Streamed

The official Pokémon Youtube channel has updated with two new trailers for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon.   The first trailer showcases a few new features and characters that will be featured in the game.  Some highlights include a look at some new areas in the game and a look at Lyranroc’s Dusk Form.  The second trailer features the reveal of Kommo-o’s Z-Move. By using the power of the Kommonium Z, Kommo-o will be able to unleash his Z-Move called Clangorous Soulblaze. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on November 17.  

Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King Trailer Streamed

Toho has recently updated their official Youtube channel with a trailer for the upcoming fourth film based on the Yo-Kai Watch franchise.  The trailer shows a closer look at the film’s story and features a preview of the new main characters. The film titled “, Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King,” will premiere in theaters in Japan on December 16.  

Fourth Yo-Kai Watch Film Details Revealed

The official Yo-Kai Watch film website has updated with new details about the upcoming fourth theatrical film for the franchise. The fourth film will be titled “, Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni-King (Oni-ō no Fukkatsu),”  and will premiere in theaters in Japan on December 16. The film’s story will take place 30 years after the setting featured in the original anime series. Once there was a boy who was able to see Yo-Kai thanks to a mysterious watch.  As he grew older, he no longer was able to see the Yo-Kai so his watch wasRead More

E3 2017: Metroid: Samus Returns Trailer Streamed

In a surprising turn of events, Nintendo has announced that another game in the Metroid series will be released. The latest reveal is Metroid: Samus Returns, which is a remake of the Metroid 2 game that was released for the original Gameboy in 1991.  The game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on September 15.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia DLC Trailer Streamed

Nintendo has updated their official Youtube channel with the DLC trailer for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.  The confirmed DLC include: Fledging Warriors Pack [$7.99] The Astral Temple (Dungeon) Wretches and Riches (Map) Band of Bandages (Map) Undaunted Heroes Pack [$9.99] (Available May 25)  The Inner Sanctum (Dungeon) Wealth Before Health (Map) Lords of the Grave (Map) Lost Alters Pack [$14.99] (Available May 25) – Unlocks Mystery Dungeons Rise of The Deliverance Pack [$12.99] (Available June 1) Battle of Zofia Harbor Outpost Resue Flight from the Ruins Siege of Zofia Castle PackRead More

Monster Hunter Stories Heading To North America

Capcom has announced that they will be releasing the Monster Hunter Stories game in North America this Fall.   The localization for the game for the game was first revealed during the Nintendo direct earlier today. For those who aren’t aware the Monster Hunter Stories game is a spin-off game for the Monster Hunter franchise. The game was developed by Marvelous Inc. and was released for the Nintendo 3DS on October 8, 2016. Monster Hunter Stories is a RPG game that is a set in the Monster Hunter universe.  Unlike the traditional games in the franchise the player will play the role of a Rider taking care of various monsters andRead More

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Limited Edition Bundle Announced

Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing a Limited Edition Bundle for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Velentia.  The bundle will retail for $59.99 while the standard version will still maintain the original $39.99 price. The bundle will include: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Velentia Game Hardcover Artbook Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Sound Selection CD Fire Emblem Echoes Pin Set  Reversible Cover Sheet that mimics original Famicom Game box  Fans that want to level up their Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia experience when the game launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systemsRead More

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 DLC Pack Available Today

Inti Creates has announced that the Azure Striker Gunvolt DLC pack will be available starting today.  The DLC pack will add several new features such as a new game mode, add various missions, a new song, and much more.  Check out the listings below to see what each pack includes. Surprise, Strikers! At long last, the update that brings DLC functionality to both Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (and Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack version of GV2 as well) goes live on March 9th in both North America and Europe! There’s loads of new goodiesRead More

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X Announced

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Dimps have announced that a new Dragon Ball game will be releasing on the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be titled “, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate X, ” and will be released on the system on April 27th. For those who aren’t aware the game is a handheld edition of the latest version of the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade card in Japan.  No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.    

Fire Emblem January 2017 Direct Streamed

Nintendo has streamed the official Fire Emblem Direct on their Youtube channel.  The Fire Emblem Direct featured new upcoming titles for the franchise.   The direct also featured another short look at Fire Emblem Warriors. The latest reveals include: Fire Emblem Echos: Shadows of Valentia – Re imagining of Fire Emblem Gaiden (Two new amiibos based on Alm & Celica)  Release Date: May 19 Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch : Name TBA Release Date: 2018 Fire Emblem Heroes Mobile Game  Release Date: February 2 on Google Play, IOS release date TBA

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Morrie & Red Introduction Videos Streamed

Earlier today Nintendo posted two new introduction videos for Morrie and Red who will be featured in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS port of the Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King game.   The videos feature some new battle footage of both characters. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King will be released on January 20, 2017 in North America.

Yo-Kai Watch Movie 1 Now Streaming on Netflix

The official Yo-Kai Watch twitter page has recently updated with the announcement that the first Yo-Kai Watch film is now streaming on Netflix.  You wanted it, you got it! YO-KAI WATCH: THE MOVIE is now available on Netflix! — YO-KAI WATCH (@YokaiWatchNews) December 1, 2016

New Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer – Starter Pokémon Z-Moves and More Ultra Beasts

The official Pokémon Youtube channel has recently updated with a new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon.  The latest trailer features the first full look of the Starter Pokémon’s Z-Moves and reveals a closer look at the new Ultra Beasts that were originally shown in the CoroCoro magazine.  The trailer also shows a better look at Diglett and Dugtrio’s Alola forms.  Pokémon Sun & Moon will be released on November 18.  Decidueye – Sinister Arrow Raid Incineroar – Malicious Moonsault Primarina – Oceanic Operetta  The two new ultra beasts include: UB-03 Lighting  UB-05 Glutton  

Taiiku Okazaki To Perform Pokémon Sun & Moon Ending Theme Song

The official Japanese Pokémon Sun & Moon website has recently updated with the announcement that Taiiku Okazaki will be performing the ending theme song for the first Pokémon Sun & Moon anime season. The song will be called “Pose” and it will accompany the opening theme song “Alola!” performed by Satoshi’s (Ash) Japanese voice actor, Rica Matsumoto.   The Pokémon Sun & Moon anime season will premiere in Japan on November 18.   

New Pokémon Sun & Moon Corocoro Magazine Scans Revealed *Spoilers

Serebii has recently posted new images of the latest CoroCoro magazine, which reveal some new Pokémon species in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.   *Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at your own discreet. The latest CoroCoro scans reveal two new Ultra Beasts and a currently unknown Pokémon.  Currently not much is known about this Pokémon, however it is stated that it might have a connection with Solgaleo and Lunala.   The next scan reveals that the final evolutions for the starters will also be receiving Z-Moves. The Z-Moves consist of: Decidueye – Shadow Arrows Strike Incineroar –Read More