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Live-Action Ghost In the Shell Japanese Teaser Poster Revealed

The Japanese website and twitter page for the upcoming live-action film adaptation for Ghost In the Shell has updated with a new  teaser poster.   The poster features another look at Scarlett Johansson as “The Major.”  The poster also features the tagline “The Body is Gitai,  Only the Brain is Hers. The World’s Strongest Investigator.” \ティザーポスタービジュアルが到着!/ 映画の世界観に通ずる、サイバーテイストな雰囲気が印象的なデザインに仕上がっています。公開を待ち望むファンに向けて、スカーレット・ヨハンソンからメッセージも!⇒ https://t.co/J0nidUUS9m #スカヨハ攻殻 pic.twitter.com/z1tKeZZ06u — 『ゴースト・イン・ザ・シェル』 (@ghostshell_JP) December 27, 2016 A trailer for the film was also posted to the Japanese Paramount Pictures Youtube channel. The film will premiere on March 31, 2017 in the US, and will be followed byRead More

Rila Fukushima Joins Ghost in the Shell Live Action Cast

Hollywood Reporter has recently announced that Rila Fukushima will be apart of the live action adaptation cast for Ghost in the Shell.   Rila Fukushima is best known for playing Yukio in the 2013 Wolverine film and Katana in the CW DC universe. The other confirmed cast members include: Scarlett Johansson – The Major Pilou Asbæk – Batou Michael Pitt – Hideo Kuze Takeshi Kitano – Daisuke Aramaki Juliette Binoche – Dr. Ouelet Kaori Momoi Chin Han Danusia Samal Lasarus Ratuere Yutaka Izumihara Tuwanda Manyimo Currently her role has not been confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.Read More