Mace Windu


Lucca C&G 2018: Star Wars Hasbro Reveals

Hasbro has recently released official images of their Star Wars reveals at Lucca Comics & Games 2018, which is currently being held in Italy. The Star Wars the Black Series 6 Inch Mace Windu is set to release in Spring 2019, whereas the Star Wars the Vintage Collection Poe Dameron Pilot figure is set to release in Fall 2019. The reveals include: Star Wars the Vintage Collection Poe Dameron Pilot (Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens) Star Wars the Black Series 6 Inch Mace Windu (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) That’s it for the Hasbro Star Wars reveals at LuccaRead More

Marvel Announces Mace Windu Comic Mini-Series

The official Star Wars website has updated with the reveal that Marvel will be releasing a new Star Wars comic mini-series this August.  The five issue miniseries titled “, Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic — Mace Windu,” will star the Jedi hero, Mace Windu. The series will take place after the start of the Clone Wars.  The story will be written by Matt Owens and illustrated by Denys Cowan. Marvel provided a short synopsis for the miniseries. For over a thousand generations, the Jedi have been the peacekeepers of the galaxy…but now, at the dawn of the Clone Wars, they find themselvesRead More

Funko Pop Mace Windu Revealed

Funko has updated their official blog with a new reveal for their Star Wars Funko Pop line.  The latest addition to the line is non other than Mace Windu.  He will be released as a Walgreens exclusive next month.