Keiichi Hasegawa


Tokusatsu in Review: W Returns Kamen Rider Accel And Eternal

TRIAL! Keiichi hasegawa Gives the Terui’s a final focused story…that’s pretty superfluous considering they already completed their character arcs. ETERNAL! Riku sanjou Concludes all of the Video W content with Exploring Katsumi Daidou’s backstory…and in doing so harms the view-ability of one of the best Kamen Rider movies made. Toei does not learn.

Kamen Rider Drive Saga 2 Movie Exclusive Form Revealed * Spoilers

With the release of Kamen Rider Drive Saga 2 in Japan some more details about the film has surfaced online.  It has recently been revealed that the film featured a new movie exclusive form. *Keep mind this article contains spoilers so read at your own discreet.