Young Justice Outsiders Teaser Trailer Streamed

DC recently released a teaser for Young Justice Outsiders on their official Youtube channel. For those who are not aware, Young Justice Outsiders is the long awaited third season of Young Justice. The teaser trailer features a short look at Apokolips and also reveals the release date of the upcoming season. Young Justice Outsiders will launch on DC Universe on January 4, 2019. No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates. I am quite excited to see the release date for the upcoming season. So far I have been catching up with my rerun of the previous two seasonsRead More

Young Justice: Outsiders Official Visual Revealed

Last week, Warner Brothers revealed a new visual for Young Justice: Outsiders. For those who are unaware, the series is the third season of the Young Justice animated series.     The latest visual features a whole new team of heroes that could potentially be the team of Outsiders that will be featured throughout the season. Long time comic fans will know that the Outsiders were formed by Batman in the late 70s with founding members Black Lightning, Geo Force, Halo, Katana, Looker and Metamorpho. Many of those founding members are seen in the visual. YoungRead More

SDCC 2016 – DC Superhero Girls Katana Exclusive Revealed

Mattycollector has recently unveiled their next exclusive for San Diego ComicCon 2016.   Their DC Superhero Girls exclusive will be none other than Katana and she will retail for $40. She will include various accessories which include: Exchangeable armor pieces Sword sheathe with Kantana Dagger sheathe with tanto Various shuriken Set of sai Naginata Special stand DC Super Hero Girls Katana will be available on Mattycollector.com starting June 17-26 for all access.  All pre-orders must be picked up at SDCC 2016 and can also be purchased directly t the convention.