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Kamen Rider Build May Scans *Spoilers

Recently the new issue of Televikun magazine was released, and scans have surfaced online. Currently, we acquired the scans and translations focusing on Kamen Rider Build, which reveal details about the events that will be featured on the show in the month of May.   Please keep in mind this article contains spoilers so consider this as a warning.   First off, Mad Rogue will be debuting on the show next month. While his identity has not been revealed at this time, he will be using the power of the EvolDriver along with the power of Bat and EngineRead More

Kamen Rider Build Q3 Toy Catalog Scans *Spoilers*

The third quarter toy scans for Kamen Rider Build have surfaced online! From these scans, Build’s final form has been revealed, as well as another new Kamen Rider, and forms for other characters. These toys produced by Bandai will begin to appear from April to June, which means the release will coexist with their on-screen debut.   *Keep in mind this article contains spoilers, so read at one’s own discretion.*   In April, Kamen Rider Cross-Z will receive the Magma Knuckle; an all-new attachment and weapon that connects to theRead More