Fujiyama Ichiban Action Live 5 Coming in January

The Fujiyama Ichiban team has announced details regarding their next live event, Fujiyama Ichiban Action Live 5! This is the group’s fifth stage show, which will run for 90 minutes and held on Sunday, January 28, 2018. The venue hosting Fujiyama Action Live 5 is none other than South End Health Club, in Torrance, California.   A trailer for the event was posted on the official Fujiyama Ichiban Youtube channel. The event will be split into three sections, which include: Ichiban Warrior vs Dark Matter Film Battle! Ichiban warriors VS. Super Blue! Stage Show Meet andRead More

Garage Hero Launches Strega IndieGoGo

Our friends at Garage Hero are working hard to make a sequel to Gun Caliber called Strega; it is an indie-tokusatsu film that could be described as Power Rangers meets Benny Hill. Series creator, Bueno, is also giving fans of Garage Hero and of tokusatsu a chance to pitch-in with an IndieGoGo campaign! The crowdfunding for Strega officially launched yesterday with its end goal to reach $10,000 or more before next month. The perks range from a basic $5 donation with one’s name featured in the credits to $7500 withRead More