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IDW Announces Samurai Jack Comic Series

IDW has announced that a brand new comic series based on Samurai Jack will be released in the near future. The series will be titled “, Quantum Jack,” and will feature Jack as he ventures throughout alternate realities.  The series will be written by Fabian Rangel Jr. and will be illustrated by Warwick Johnson Cadwell.   Rangel Jr. and Cadwell had this to say about the project.   After getting zapped by an experimental Quantum Ray, Jack is sent hurtling into one alternate reality after another, his memories erased but his spirit intact. If you’ve ever wondered whatRead More

Samurai Jack Season 5 Trailer Streamed

The official Adult Swim Youtube channel has updated with a trailer for the highly anticipated fifth season of Samurai Jack.  Unlike the previous seasons, the fifth season will take Jack into new heights and will feature much more graphical scenes then the earlier seasons. The fifth season will premiere on Adult Swim on March 11 at 11 PM EST.