Fayetteville Comic Con


GoFundMe: Weapon X Fan Film

Over this past weekend, I was at Fayetteville Comic Con and had the pleasure to get a sneak peak at the trailer for an upcoming Weapon X fan film. The teaser trailer we saw was very straight cut and to the point. The passion that the cast had when talking about this movie shows me that they will bring this story to life right and give it the justice it deserves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfywQrhpAM8 The weapon X story that was written by Berry Winsor-Smith has never been adapted in quite this way. The mission of this film, scriptRead More

Hero Archive: Fayetteville Comic Con – Standing Room

I heard about Fayetteville Comic Con (Will go by FayCC for the rest of this.) off a whim. One of my buddies asked if I would be at the event. I, of course, was like “The Nam has a con? Get out of here, first time hearing about this.” But I looked it up and sure enough, Fayetteville was having a one-day event, perfect for my weekends of laying around and watching random videos on Youtube. I could be out in the morning and be home just in time toRead More