Episode 4


Lupinranger VS Patoranger – Episodes 3 + 4 Review

With the main premise of the show established, Episode 3 and 4 both do a good job of showing the potential this premise has. At first I was a little worried about how the interactions between the two teams were going to work, mainly due to the secret identity thing. Secret identities are rarely something Sentai bothers with in an meaningful way, but the first episodes of Lupin vs Pato set up the idea that the two teams will be meeting a lot in civilian form. For me, one ofRead More

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – Episode 4 Review

Immediately this episode got off to a good start by replacing Lucky’s opening narration with an opening narration from Raptor-283, this week’s main character. It was so relieving to have a story that focused on someone else for a change rather than continually having to learn about new characters through the eyes of such an obnoxious Red. This episode overall felt a lot more leisurely and well-paced than the previous three, and part of that is down to the more economical use of the main ensemble. Instead of introducing anyRead More