Episode 31


Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – Episode 31 Review

After going back to the past to change history, the Kyurangers returned to discover the world in a slightly more dystopian place than they left it, now that Garu and Kotaro have been captured, the Orion is badly damaged, and everything they just did seemed like it was for nothing. The start of this episode felt hopeless in a way that only this particular Sentai show can do. Part of Kyuranger‘s appeal to me is that it’s the story of the universe being freed from evil rather than a universeRead More

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Episode 31 Review

And so ends the search for Cube Whale. This has been a really strong run of episodes for Zyuohger, from celebrating 40 years of Super Sentai to expanding the mythology of Zyuland to getting some fun new whale-themed gear (which incidentally, is the best theme). In many ways, these episodes are exactly what I want to see Super Sentai doing more of. By spreading out a single power-up over multiple episodes, like one episode for the new form debut, one episode for the first appearance of Cube Whale, and oneRead More