Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Confession


Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3 : Confession PV2 Streamed

WiththeWill has recently uploaded a new trailer for Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3 : Confession on their Dailymotion page. They also provided a translation for the trailer and release details for the home release of the film. TAICHI: “If we wait…” TAICHI: “If we wait to do something ‘someday,’ we’ll end up grown adults before we even know it.” DIGIMON ADVENTURE TRI, Chapter 3, “Confession” PATAMON: “Hey, Takeru. I’m infected, right?” SORA: “We and our Digimon partners are special. We’re always connected to each other. That’s what I believe.” NISHIJIMA: “Why did you keepRead More