Digimon Adventure


Official Images: Complete Selection Animation Digivice 1999 (CSA Digivice 1999)

Premium Bandai has updated with an official pre-order page for the Complete Selection Animation Digivice 1999 (CSA Digivice 1999). Unlike the previous Complete Selection Animation Digivices, the latest version is based on the original Digivice featured in the original Digimon Adventure series. Similar to previous Complete Selection Animation Digivice releases the latest edition will feature various voices from the Eight Digidestined including conversation dialog between the team and their partner Digimon. The Complete Selection Animation Digivice 1999 (CSA Digivice 1999) will also feature the Theater Size version of “Butter-Fly.” InRead More

New Digimon Adventure Project Teased

The official Digimon Adventure Tri twitter page has updated with a teaser for what looks to be a new project on“Digimon Aventure.” The final Digimon Adventure Tri chapter titled, “Our Future,” recently premiered in Japan and was also simulcast to Crunchyroll so it isn’t too much of a surprise to see a new project being announced so soon. For those who are unaware, the first Digimon Adventure anime series premiered in Japan on March 7, 1999 and concluded in March 26, 2000. The series received a sequel titled, “Digimon Adventure 02,” which took place three years after the original Japanese series,Read More

Official Images: Digivolving Spirits 06 AtlurKabuterimon

Bandai Tamashii has updated with an official product page for Digivolving Spirits 06 AtlurKabuterimon. International fans will recognize this Digimon under the name, MegaKabuterimon. While the figure doesn’t really include accessories, it will however include a special base. Digivolving Spirits 06 AtlurKabuterimon will be released this September and will be a retail release priced at 7,776 yen.  Pre-orders will early tomorrow morning so check your preferred Japanese online retailer.  

Official Images: Digivolution Spirits 02 Metal Garurumon

Bandai Tamashii has updated their website with official images for Digivolution Spirits 02 Metal Garurumon.  For those who are unaware the Digivolution Spirits figures are updated versions of the Digivolving figures released in the original Digimon Adventure toyline that feature die-cast parts and new tooling. Pre-orders for the figure will open at the various online retailers on August 1 and will be released next January priced at 7,776 Yen. 

Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour Osaka: Digivolving Spirits Metalgarurumon Prototype Revealed

Recently images of this year’s Tamashii Nations World Tour in Osaka have surfaced online which revealed the prototype for the Digivolving Spirits Metalgarurumon.  Similar to Digivolving Spirits Wargreymon, the new figure for Metalgarurumon will feature an updated sculpt.  No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.  

Digivolving Spirits Wargreymon Details Revealed

Bandai Tamashii has updated their official website with new details for the upcoming Digivolving Spirits Wargreymon.    The figure will be released in November priced at 7020 Yen and will surprisingly be a retail release.   The figure will feature die-cast and better proportioned molded parts that help the figure look better than the older figure designs. Bandai Tamashii also provided a quick promo for the figure. Next, the director of Digimon Adventure/ Digimon Adventure 02 , Hiroyoki Kakudo and chief designer, Kenji Watanabe had this to say about the new toyline. I’m filled with deep emotion to know that Digimon has been lovedRead More

Premium Bandai: Digimon Digivice Ver. 15th MetalGarurumon Color

Premium Bandai has updated with a new teaser page for the release of Digimon Digivice Ver. 15th MetalGarurumon Color. The latest version of the 15th Anniversary Digivice will feature a brand new deco as well as a screen featuring the Crest of Friendship. The Digivice will also feature Weregarumon (Black) and MetalGarurumon (Black).   The item will be priced at 9,990 Yen, however no other details are confirmed at this time. More details will be released later this month so stay tuned for updates.  

Premium Bandai: Digimon Digivice 15th WarGreymon Color Complete Memory Set

Premium Bandai has updated with a new teaser page for the Digimon Digivice 15th WarGreymon Color Complete Memory Set. The latest version of the 15th Anniversary Digivice will feature a brand new deco as well as a screen featuring the Crest of Courage. The page also reveals that it will also include a bonus item and will also feature both Skullgreymon and Blackwargreymon. No other details are confirmed at this time, however more details will be revealed later this month so stay tuned for updates.  

Digimon Adventure Tri : Confessions – Hackmon Voice Actor Announced

Recently the voice actor for Hackmon in Digimon Adventure Tri : Confessions was recently revealed.  Shunsuke Takeuchi, a relatively new voice actor, will be playing the role of Hackmon in the film. Currently no other details regarding the character have been confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.  

Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3 : Confession PV2 Streamed

WiththeWill has recently uploaded a new trailer for Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3 : Confession on their Dailymotion page. They also provided a translation for the trailer and release details for the home release of the film. TAICHI: “If we wait…” TAICHI: “If we wait to do something ‘someday,’ we’ll end up grown adults before we even know it.” DIGIMON ADVENTURE TRI, Chapter 3, “Confession” PATAMON: “Hey, Takeru. I’m infected, right?” SORA: “We and our Digimon partners are special. We’re always connected to each other. That’s what I believe.” NISHIJIMA: “Why did you keepRead More

Digimon Adventure Tri – Chapter 1: Reunion English Dub Screening Announced

Toei Animation has recently announced that the Dub for Digimon Adventure Tri – Chapter 1 : Reunion will be premiering as a special Fathom Event screening at 300+ theaters on September 15. However, the film will later be screen in a traditional format afterwards. Toei Animation will team up with Eleven Arts to help distribute the film. Earlier it was announced that Jeff Nimoy will be reprising his role for Tentomon in the film.    Jeff Nimoy also commented that the Digidestined may have been recast, but mentioned that most of the actual Digimon voice actors will return to reprise their roles.Read More

Wheelz Top 15 Digimon That Should Have a S.H. Figuarts Release

Digimon: Digital Monsters, a popular anime and video game series that is beloved worldwide. The series has had several products released such as various types of figures, key chains, plushes, card games and statues. Now, I am fan of the series and I like owning a lot of the old toys, but I always wanted better figures either to play around with as a kid or to own as a collector’s piece. Luckily enough in 2010, Tamashii Nations announced they would producing figures for Digimon based in their new lineRead More