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Marvel Reveals Mosaic Series Coming This Fall

What’s going on Nation? XBen3000 here with some comics news. Yesterday, Marvel finally revealed what their “puzzle teaser” referenced. It referenced a new Inhuman character who goes by the name Mosaic. The character will make his first appearance in Uncanny Inhumans #11 with an ongoing series coming in October. What we know about Mosaic so far is the following. ” Mosaic will star Morris Sackett, a former professional basketball player whose Inhuman Terrigenesis turns him into a disembodied entity who inhabits the bodies of others.”          Read More

Supercrooks & American Jesus Get Comic Book Sequels

In Comic Book news, Mark Millar is working on sequels to two of his comic book series. One of them being Supercrooks while the other is American Jesus. It should be noted that last week both of these books will be getting film adaptations in the future. So huge props to Mark Millar for getting his books to becoming films. What we know about the sequel series for both book so far is that Leinil Francis Yu and Peter Gross will be returning to their respective series. Outside of that,Read More

Where Is Mosaic? New Marvel Comic Teaser

Coming at you with some Marvel comic news. Throughout this week Marvel has been releasing teasers with the word Mosaic on them. Each of the teasers are puzzle pieces that showcase some Marvel characters within them. What makes this one different is that it poses the question “Where is Mosaic?” Also, I’ll post what the “puzzle” looks like so far with all the pieces put together. I’m certain another piece will come out later today or Saturday.      I can honestly say I have no clue as to whatRead More