Nintendo Arms Lola Pop Trailer Streamed

Nintendo has updated their official Youtube channel with a new trailer for Arms.  The latest trailer reveals a brand new character that will be added to the 3.0 update for the game.  The newest fighter that will be joining the roster is Lola Pop.    

May 2017 Nintendo Direct: Arms & Splatoon 2

Nintendo recently held a new Nintendo Direct on their official Youtube channel that featured more information about Arms and a short teaser for Splatoon 2. First, the direct featured a look at the the story of game.  According to the story the origins of the Arms are unknown and seems they have gotten their strange arms from out of nowhere. Next, it has been revealed that players will have to look at two things before going into fights.  The weight of the Arms affect how they work in battle and the attributes help create different effectsRead More

Nintendo Direct 2017: Arms Trailer Streamed

Nintendo recently had a Nintendo Direct presentation that revealed some new titles that will be released in the near future for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.  During the presentation some new details about Arms were revealed. The trailer shows another look at the various types of Arms and reveals that each Arm will feature a different elemental attribute when fully charged. The elements include: Fire – Knock down opponents  Electric – Stun and electrify opponents Wind – Blow opponents away Ice – Freeze opponents and slow them down Other elements include Explosion, Stun, and Blind. Next a new modeRead More

Arms Character Introduction & Weapon Showcase Trailers Streamed

Nintendo has updated their official Youtube channel with two new trailers for the upcoming Arms video game. The latest trailers features a look into some of the characters and some of the weapons that will be featured in the game. The confirmed characters so far include: Spring Man Ribbon Girl Ninjara Master Mummy Mechanica  The confirmed weapon types include: Toaster Megaton Sparky Boomerang Slapamander  The weapons trailer also revealed that players will be able to mix and match the different arms in order to change up the gameplay. Arms will be released for the Nintendo Switch this Spring. Read More