S.H.Figuarts Kingdom Hearts Sora & King Mickey U.S. Release Details Revealed

Amazon has recently opened official pre-order pages for S.H.Figuarts Kingdom Hearts Sora & S.H.Figuarts King Mickey.  Both figures are confirmed to be exclusive to Amazon in the U.S. according to Bluefin Brands. Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H.Figuarts Sora Kingdom Hearts II Action Figure  Release Date:  January 25, 2018 Price: $58.57  S.H.Figuarts brings you figures from Kingdom hearts, the smash-hit game series that’s sold more than 20 million copies worldwide! the first release is Sora from Kingdom hearts 2. In addition to the beautiful sculpting that attracted notice at its first public display, it’s highly posable! includes two pairs ofRead More

Official Images: Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 DX Neo Amazons Driver

It is officially April 6th, so that means we have the official information on the DX Neo Amazons Driver. The item has already been confirmed as a Premium Bandai exclusive similar to the DX Amazons Driver. The DX Neo Amazons Driver will feature the Driver, two Amazon Injectors, and the Neo Amazons Register. In addition, to the DX Neo Amazons Driver the release will include the Amazons Sigma Core. The Amazons Sigma Core is to be used with the original DX Amazons Driver. Official Description: When setting the Amazon InjectorRead More

Official Images : Power Rangers Legacy Ninja Megazord

Amazon has recently updated with their preorder listing for the Power Rangers Legacy Ninja Megazord. Price: $99.99 Release Date: November 1, 2016   Defeat evil with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Ninja Megazord This legacy edition of the Ninja Megazord includes diecast parts and metallic paint Separate the Ninja Megazord into 5 individual Zords, and combine them to form show-accurate combinations The Ninja Megazord can also combine with other items in the Zord Builder collection to form awesome never before seen Zord combinations (each sold separately) The Legacy NinjaRead More