Sword Gai: The Animation Details Revealed

Recently details for the Sword Gai: The Animation anime series has been revealed.  The Sword Gai: The Animation is an anime adaption of the Sword Gai manga series by Toshiki Inoue and illustrated by Keita Amemiya. The manga depicts a young hero who merges with a demonic sword to help slay his foes.

Sword Gai Animation Visual Sword Gai: The Animation Details Revealed


Sword Gai: The Animation will be available worldwide on Netflix in Spring 2018.

Netflix provided a synopsis for the series.

A weapon that has drawn the blood of countless victims becomes legend, and at times takes on a life of its own. When such a weapon’s human host is filled with hate and murderous intent, he becomes a demonic combination of weapon and man that thirsts only for slaughter.

An organization has faced these dangerous beings over the centuries. A young man named Gai is destined to live as a weapon. As humans are enthralled by their weapons’ power, epic battles unfold with the fate of humanity in the balance in this battle action fantasy.


The confirmed cast includes:

  • Yūto Uemura: Gai Ogata, a young man who chooses to live as a weapon. Gai uses the legendary sword, “Death Dragon”, as a prosthetic to replace his missing right arm.

  • Yūichirō Umehara: Seiya Ichijou, the strongest man in the mysterious organization “Shoshidai”. Seiya treats Gai like a younger brother.

  • Yūka Aisaka: Sayaka Ogata, Gai’s childhood friend.

The production team consists of:

  • Takahiro Ikezoe, Tomohito Naka: Directors
  • LandQ Studios, DLE, Production I.G.: Animation



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