Punisher Series Coming To Netflix

What’s going on Nation? Coming at you with some Netflix news. Last Friday, it was announced that Punisher will be receiving his own Netflix series. It will star Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle once more. Outside of that, Steve Lightfoot will serve as the Executive Producer and Showrunner for the new series, while writing the first two episodes.

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Honestly, I’m not too excited for a Punisher series. I mean I enjoyed Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Punisher in Daredevil but I just don’t find the Punisher that interesting as a character in his own solo feature. Punisher to me is a character who is at his best when played off other superheroes and super villains. I would have loved to hear that Angela Del Toro aka White Tiger received a solo Netflix series. It would have been interesting to see a Latina superhero in action. It could have been done similar to Jessica Jones except Angela doesn’t hide the fact that she is Meta-Human or even have it be a story with her getting the Jade Tiger Amulet and showing the FBI that “Not all heroes are irresponsible” having it take place during Civil War would have been interesting in my opinion.

Anyway, let me know what you think down below or on Twitter. I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

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