Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 2 “Evox’s Revenge” Preview Streamed

The official Power Rangers Youtube channel has updated with a new preview trailer for Power Rangers Beast Morphers. The latest trailer features a look at the first full morph sequence of the show. The second episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers titled, “Evox’s Revenge,” will premiere on Nickelodeon this Saturday at 8 A.M. ET.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 2 “Evox’s Revenge” Preview.

Exclusive First Look of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 2. “Evox’s Revenge” premieres Saturday 8AM/ET on Nickelodeon. The Power Rangers morph into action for their latest battle against Evox’s monster.

Cast: Rorrie D. Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger)

Episode 2 Evox’s Revenge: When Grid Battleforce’s Commander needs to select a leader for the team, the Power Rangers are at odds over who should get the job.

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