Official Images: Transformers Legends LG-EX Big Powered

Takara Tomy has updated their official website with official images for Transformers Legends LG-EX Big Powered. For those who are not aware, the character is the “Supreme Commander” of the Autobot forces who debuted in Transformers: Zone. Transformer: Zone was an one-shot OVA released in 1990 in Japan and was initially pitched as the follow up series to Transformers: Victory. Unfortunately, Transformers: Zone was not adapted into a full series and it was released as an one episode OVA.

Big Powered is a Powered Master that consists of Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, and Road Fire. 

Being apart of the LG-EX releases, the set will be sold as a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive and will be released in March 2019 priced at 15,000 Yen.

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