Official Images: Super Minipla Beast King Go-Lion

Premium Bandai has updated with official release details for Super Mini-Pla Beast King Go-Lion. For those who are unaware, Beast King Go-Lion is an anime series that aired in 1981. International fans should be more familiar with this series under the 1984 American adaptation, Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The series was later spun into various other adaptations such as Voltron: Third Dimension in 1998, Voltron Force in 2011, and the currently airing Voltron: Legendary Defender series on Netflix.

Super Mini-Pla Beast King Go-Lion will be split into a set containing five assorted boxes, which include:

  • Black Lion
  • Red Lion
  • Green Lion
  • Blue Lion
  • Yellow Lion

Similar to other Super Mini-Pla/ Mini-Pla anime releases each single box will include a piece of gum. The release will include all the weapons for the individual lions, as well as the Blazing Sword and the shield. By combining the multiple weapons together they will be able to form the “Mega Blaster,” an exclusive form for the Super Mini-Pla release.


The Super Mini-Pla Beast King Go-Lion will be released this August and priced at 5,292 Yen. Keep in mind this item is not an exclusive Premium Bandai release since it will also be released at retail in Japan.


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