No Game No Life: Zero Coming To America

With the No Game, No Life movie being released next month theatrically in Japan Sentai Filmworks announced yesterday that has licensed movie. The movie will follow the light novels 6th entry which is the prequel to the main story.

In the world where everything is decided by games, Disboard. Long before the events that take place now…

To conquer the title of “One True God” and rule over the world, the so called “Eternal Great War” continued.
In this war that tore Heavens apart, destroyed Earth and even killed stars, those with no power could only face inevitable death.

Escaping from the all these races, humanity was led by a young boy called Riku.

Though humanity was facing extinction, his heart believed in a tomorrow.
One day, while in his escort, in an abandoned Elf city, he found a female machine — Schuwi.

The machine, trying to understand the heart it didn’t possess, was said to be broken and was expelled from her group. And now, trying to correct this mistake, she asks Riku to teach her what the [human heart] really is.

That’s a tale from 6000 years ago.
The [first legend] that led to the [new legend].

The tale that disappeared from the registers and peoples memories, now, unfolds.

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