Monster Hunter Stories Release Date & More Revealed

Capcom has recently announced several new details for the upcoming Monster Hunter Stores game for the Nintendo 3DS. First it has been confirmed that the game will launch on October 8th in Japan priced at 5,800 Yen or 5,546 Yen via download.  It has also been revealed that three Amiibo will be released to be used with the game which include the main hero riding a One-Eyed Ratholos (Boy & Girl), and one based on the hero’s partner named Nabiru.  The Amiibo will allow you to unlock special Otomonwhich are the collectible monsters in the game. Both hero rider Amiibo will retail for 1,800 Yen and the Nabiru Amiibo will be priced at 1,200 Yen.   More Amiibo will be released this Winter.

The first round copies of the game will include a bonus “Rathalos” for your partner, Nabiru.   By connecting the save data of Monster Hunter Generations on your 3DS you will be able to unlock a “Dinovaldo” costume as well as a one handed sword for your character.  The game will also have store specific bonuses that will give you different Otomons based on the store you bought it from.

Capcom has revealed that the game will feature special costume collaborations with the famous musician, Daigo, and the Sanrio character, Pompompurin.

Currently no North American release date has been confirmed at this time, however hopefully it will be announced soon.


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