Mobile New Century Gundam X Blu-ray Memorial Box Announced

Bandai Visual has announced that they will be publishing a Mobile New Century Gundam X Blu-ray Memorial Box, which is set to release on March 23, 2018 priced at 52,000 yen.  

The story takes place 15 years after the 7th Space War. The survivors of Earth try to live the best they can after the catastrophic destruction left behind the various wars. Mobile Suits and other weapons left behind from the war land their way into the hands of civilians and other organizations on the planet.  A new team led by Jamil Neate called the Vultures make it their mission to make sure the past is not repeated.  As they search for Newtypes and protect them from being found a remnant of the old government appears and the war is rekindled between the New United Nations Earth and the Space Revolutionary Army.  It is now up to the team of the Freeden to prevent the war from escalating further.

The bonus features for the release include:

  • Clean Opening & Ending
  • SD Gundam Game Footage 
  • Memorial DVD Bonus Features
  • Audio Commentary


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