Masters of the Universe Vintage Collection Wave 3 Revealed

Super 7 has updated their official Facebook page with an official reveal of Wave 3 of the Masters of the Universe Vintage Collection. For those who are not aware, the Masters of the Universe Vintage Collection are a set of  5.5-inch scaled figures that are stylized in the old Masters of the Universe style.

The wave will include:

  • Crystal Man-At-Arms (from Episode 34 “The Dragon’s Gift”)
  • Frozen Teela (from Episode 76 “The Ice Age Cometh”)
  • Gold Statue He-Man (from Episode 2 “The Shaping Staff”)
  • Mer-Man
  • Orko
  • Prince Adam
  • Trap Jaw

Similar to the previous waves, the figures will include various accessories and released in retro styled cards. The cards also features original artwork and character history bios. Pre-sale orders for the figures are currently open and will close on Thursday, February 28. Each figure will retail for $20 and are set to release this Summer.  Those who are interested can pre-order their figures on the Super7 website.

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