Live-Action FullMetal Alchemist to Stream on Netflix

Netflix has recently revealed their list of the new upcoming shows/ movies that will be added to the service within the month of February.  Among the releases was the reveal that the Live-Action FullMetal Alchemist film will be releasing on the service on February 19. 

For those who haven’t been following the project, the Live-Action adaptation film for the FullMetal Alchemist anime premiered in Japan in 2017.  The film also was streamed at Anime NYC in November 2017.

The FullMetal Alchemist franchise was created by Hiromu Arakawa and features the story between two brothers named Edward & Aphonse Elric.  Their father, Van Hohenheim, left for unknown reasons and some time after their mother, Trisha, passes away due to the plague. In order to bring back their dead mother the brothers use the forbidden technique within alchemy called human transmutation, which leaves to catastrophic results. Present day, Edward, now a fully licensed Alchemist, search with the help of his brother in order to find the mystical philosopher’s stone in order to bring back their dead mother.


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