Kamen Rider Ghost Mugen Damashii & Deep Spector Forms Revealed *Spoiler

Recently new scans for Kamen Rider Ghost have surfaced on the net that gives us the first full look of Kamen Rider Ghost’s final form, Mugen Damashii.  

Keep in mind these scans contain spoilers so read at your own discreet.

With the help of Makoto, Alan, Akari, Onari, Kanan, Narita, and Shibuya, Takeru will finally be able to achieve his final form, Ghost Mugen Damashii. 

The jingle for the form will be Cho Kaigan (Super opening), Mugen ! Go, Go, GoGo, Go, GoGo, Go, Go ! Ghost !”

The form will unleash seven different type of attacks based on emotions and the activation sound will be ” Grand Opening of Life (Inochi Dai Kaigan).”  The form will also have an finisher attack that will say, Cho Dai Kaigan (Super grand opening), Mugen ! God Omega Drive !”

  • Joy Stream (Yorokobi Stream)
  • Angry Slash (Ikari Slash)
  • Valiant Shoot (Isama Shoot)
  • Fun Strike (Tanoshii Strike)
  • Sadness Break (Kanashimi Break)
  • Love Bomber
  • Faith Impact (Shinnen Impact)

The scans also revealed that Kamen Rider Spectre will be able to become Nobunaga & Tutankhamun Damashiis when he becomes Deep Spectre.



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