Kamen Rider Ex-Aid April Scans Revealed *Spoilers

Recently the April scans for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid have surfaced on the net which reveals events that will be featured on the show throughout the month of April.

*Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at your own discreet*

First, a new form for Parad was revealed.  In order to combat Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s mighty level 99, he will use the Gashat Gear Dual along with a Gamer Driver to become Kamen Rider Para-DX Perfect Knock-Out Gamer Lv.99.  His signature weapon is called the Gashacon Parablagun.

Next, the ability of the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat has been revealed.  It will allow normal civilians to henshin into Ride Players, which are the mass produced riders of the series.  Some of the Ride Players will help Emu fight against the Bugsters.

The scans also feature a better look at Kamen Rider Poppy.  Asuna will use the Buggle Driver II along with the Tokimeki Crisis Gashat to henshin into Kamen Rider Poppy.  She is still under the control of the Bugster Virus so she will fight against her friends.

Lastly, the details for the Hyper Battle video for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid were revealed.  By using the Proto Bakusou Bike (Combi Fukkatsu Version) he will temporarily revive Kiriya and will be fighting the Game World’s copy of Kamen Rider Genm. He will also be using the Proto Shakkariki Sports Gashat. 

Kamen Rider Ex Aid April Scans Hyper Battle Video Kamen Rider Ex Aid April Scans Revealed *Spoilers

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