Kamen Rider Build February Scans *Spoilers

Over the weekend, the February 2018 scans for Kamen Rider Build surfaced online. The recent scans feature what will be featured on the show in the month of February or beyond.

*Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at your own discreet. 


The scans feature some new details about Kamen Rider Rogue. He will be using the Nebula SteamGun as his main henshin device with powers that originate from the CrocodileCrack FullBottle. Currently his identity is unknown, however it is highly possible it could be Gentoku especially after the events of the recently aired episode.

Rogue will have two henchmen named:

  • Fu Washio: Using the Gear Remocon, Fu will be able to transform into Remocon Bro, who will have enhanced super speed
  • Rai Washio: Using the Gear Engine, Rai will be able to transform into Engine Bro, who will have enhanced strength

By fusing the two gears they will be able to transform into a new form known as Hell Bros.  

The scans also feature another look at some of Sento’s Hazard Trigger forms. By using the Hazard Trigger, Sento’s Best Matches will have boosted strength with the cost of full control.


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