Justice League Action Poster Revealed

Today, Warner Brothers & Cartoon Network revealed the official poster for the upcoming DC animated series. Justice League Action. The new series will be focusing on the Justice League consisting of Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, who will be teamed up with other League members such as Firestorm, Green Arrow & Green Lantern just to name a few… Pretty much what Justice League Unlimted was but on a smaller scale.

justice league action 187711 200x300 Justice League Action Poster Revealed

I love the premise of the series with “Worlds Finest” being the main protags and allowing other heroes we know about joining alone. I really hope they take where JLU successed (introducing heroes that we might now have known of or low their fan favs) as well as failed in some parts (Not having a better rotating roaster of heroes vs just using the main 7 to complete the episode.)

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