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I heard about Fayetteville Comic Con (Will go by FayCC for the rest of this.) off a whim. One of my buddies asked if I would be at the event. I, of course, was like “The Nam has a con? Get out of here, first time hearing about this.” But I looked it up and sure enough, Fayetteville was having a one-day event, perfect for my weekends of laying around and watching random videos on Youtube. I could be out in the morning and be home just in time to catch my midday super nap. (That is the nap before the post-dinner nap, but right after the lost class nap.

I shoot them a quick email and get an even quicker email back. Michael Chaudhuri does not play when it comes to replying to emails, and he answered every single question I had about the event and more. It is always a joy to work with such great PR people like that. Yes the event is small and he can afford to be so on the ball with his job, but counter that with other small events that will take weeks to months to get back to you. Not saying that any are wrong, but when you are booking your group for events, you would like to have an OK back as soon as you can so you pin yourself down to that event and have days blocked out. So for that FayCC gets an A+.

Now on to the location. The Crown Arena is Fayetteville’s big event center. The Fayetteville Fire Ants (Semi Hockey team) Play here, and I graduated here from High School. So the Arena is very well known to locals and the areas around it. The Arena is big enough to hold this event plus, which is what happened today. Kids Closet, just happened to be set up right next to the entrance. So you have to image the joy on some of these kids’ faces when they walk up thinking they are going to have a boring day and then Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, Batman, and Superman are all there hanging out. You would think these small kids turned in the joker within seconds with the big smiles on their faces. It gets even better when the 501st walks in with Vader in toe. The best part is that these adults, these lovers of nerd and geek-dom, are more than happy to pose with the kids for pictures, pick them up, or just speak with them. Yea it’s not the real Batman, but they didn’t care, they see the suit and that is all they need. The good of cosplay is always something I love to talk about.

But back to the Arena. My only nag about it is that it is very big. I parked on the back side thinking that the line I was looking at was the line to the doors. I was wrong, it was another ticket booth on the back side of the event, which is a good thing cause it helps in moving people along, but after you get your ticket you have to walk around the arena to the real entrance. This was not really that bad as I stated that people seemed happier to be going to the event and did not really care.
Overall the event was handled very well, music played the whole time, and little kids got on staged and just danced it out. I did not get to do any of the panels, but that do to my own lack of planning, but what I heard from them was nothing but good.
My overall ranking of Fayetteville Comic Con… Deep Freeze myself till next year, because I cannot wait to go back. Even in the short time I spent there, and for it to only be one day, I had a blast.

Staff: A+
Location: A
Panels: (Did not go, so will not rank.)
Ease of getting around: (First year pack out. You can’t ask for a better event.) A
Penguin Kings overall grade: A

Look this is not a con like NYCC or SDCC. I’m not expecting you to fly across the world to be there. But it’s a local event that local people can enjoy, and for that I say, if you are in the Fayetteville area or an hour or two drive out… Mark this event down for next year, cause it is a great late Summer Con.
Favine The Penguin King.

See you this year!!!

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