Henry Thomas Joins DC Universe Stargirl Cast as Doctor Mid-Nite

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Henry Thomas will be joining the cast of the DC Universe exclusive series, “Stargirl,” as Dr. Mid-Nite. For those who are not aware, Dr. Mid-Nite is another founding member of the Justice Society of America. The original Dr. Mid-Nite was created by Charles Reizenstein and Stanley Josephs Aschmeier in 1941.

  • Brec Bassinger: Stargirl
  • Joel McHale: Starman (Sylvester Pemberton)
  • Lou Ferrigno Jr.: Hourman (Rex Tyler)
  • Brian Stapf: Wildcat (Ted Grant)
  • Anjelika Washington: TBA
  • Henry Thomas: Dr. Mid-Nite (Dr. Charles McNider)

Dr. Charles McNider was was a surgeon who was set to work on a patient to remove a bullet from a witness who was to testify against mobsters. A mobster appeared and threw a grenade that led to a explosion that killed his patient and blinding him.  One night an owl appears who he adopts and calls Hooty. After McNider discovers he can see clearly in the dark, he created a special visor that would enhance his ability to see in the light and also created “blackout bombs” with the power to block out light. Upon joining the JSA, McNider adopted the alter ego Dr. Mid-Nite.

Dr. Mid-Nite previously appeared on the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow portrayed by Kwwsi Ameyaw.

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates. The DC Universe Stargirl series will premiere on the platform in 2019.

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