Garage Hero Launches Strega IndieGoGo

Our friends at Garage Hero are working hard to make a sequel to Gun Caliber called Strega; it is an indie-tokusatsu film that could be described as Power Rangers meets Benny Hill. Series creator, Bueno, is also giving fans of Garage Hero and of tokusatsu a chance to pitch-in with an IndieGoGo campaign! The crowdfunding for Strega officially launched yesterday with its end goal to reach $10,000 or more before next month. The perks range from a basic $5 donation with one’s name featured in the credits to $7500 with perks of receive the film on every format possible, a replica helmet, and more. There is also the epic Blank Check perk of $500,000 which is a NSFW edition, but it is worth it!


Please watch the video below, read the following summary, and check out the actual campaign:

We at Garage Hero are fans of shows such as Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai (Power Rangers in the US). However, these shows are owned by big companies whose main concern is selling toys and not creating an entertaining show. We feel that the genre of tokusatsu is currently stagnant and would like to create something original without the influence of a producer or company – a film/web-series that plays off our vision of the kind of tokusatsu that we personally would like to enjoy.

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