Funimation Licenses Garo The Movie: Divine Flame

Funimation Entertainment has recently revealed that they have licensed Garo The Movie: Divine Flame. For those who are unaware, the film was released in Japan in 2016 and featured events that took place four years after the first season of Garo: The Animation. 

The film will be released as a BD/DVD Combo pack on July 10 with a list price of $34.98. The film is currently set at $26.24 on the official Funimation website.

Garo Divine Flame Blu ray DVD Cover Funimation Licenses Garo The Movie: Divine Flame


Funimation Entertainment provided a synopsis for the series.


Four years after the events of Garo: The Animation, León and Alfonso are called away to defeat the most beautiful Horror in the world. But trouble brews on the home front when mysterious creatures with unknown intentions abduct León’s little brother. To track down the kidnappers, the Makai Knight duo must unite with allies both old and new and investigate strange happenings in a foreign land.

Those who are interested can pre-order their copy at the link listed below.


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