Dragon Quest Heroes II Promo Video Released

With the success of Dragon Quest Heroes, Square Enix has released the a teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel series game, Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End. The game will introduce 5 new Protagonist, Razel, Tereshia, Cesare, Orneze, & King Zebion.

  • Razel (Male Protagonist) – A proud novice knight. A military cadet in Gywall studying abroad at neighboring country Orenka’s military academy. He is a passionate guy who is always energetically racing ahead. He fights wielding dual blades.
  • Tereshia (Female Protagonist) – A fighting female class president. A military cadet in Gywall and Razel’s cousin. She provides some levelheadedness to balance Razel’s tendency to race ahead.
  • Cesare – A prince and commander-in-chief of the army. The Prince of Gywall and childhood friend of the protagonists. He is adored for his personality, but unmanageable when he loses his temper.
  • Orneze – The dependable “big sister”-type to the protagonists. A warrior who serves King Zebion. She is famous as the red female warrior who uses a giant ax. She is cheerful and reliable.
  • King Zebion – The King of Zebion, a suzerain state comprised of seven countries situated at the center of the world.



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